Vogue Record Art – R 737 – P 69

This is a Vogue Picture Record Illustration. The record was manufactured between 1946 – 1947. It was a 10 inch, 78 RPM record. Please Note: THIS IS NOT A RECORD, It is art that was placed on the record.

This illustration appeared on Vogue R 737, on one side of the record. The record matrix number for this record is P 69. The song title on the record is Rhumba Lesson #3 – Beginners, performed by Paul Shahin. The illustrator of the original art is Walter F. Sprink.

The rectangular version shows the song title, the artist performing the work and the Matrix Number (This number starts with a P and is given to each illustration that Vogue Picture Records produced). The square version only shows the restored record art.

There are two versions of this art, rectangular or square

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